About Me

The girl behind this blog

I'm sure you are curious as to who this person behind this blog is. This person giving "advice" - is she really capable of helping others?


First of all - sorry this might be egoistic - this blog is for myself in the first place. It helps me taking a step back and watching myself from some sort of distance. However if it helps others - even so the better. This is just a very factual summary of things I have done in my life so far - I will write more about how each of those steps affected me in later blog posts. Just so you know who's talking :-)


I was born on 1987 in Germany. I grew up with 2 of my 3 brothers (the oldest one was 18 years old when I was born), my Dad, my Mom and a cute little cocker spaniel.


I do not really consider myself German-only (which might be part of the reason why I am writing this blog in English). Since my childhood, I have lived in the US for a year, in Paris for 5 years, I am with an awesome French man, living in Germany right now.


I have never been in any sort of clinic or assisted living for my eating disorder, although I was close to applying to a clinic twice. I was not anorexic by definition, i.e. I never had a BMI under 17. And this is one of the main reasons for this blog: I think there are a lot of people out there who are "by definition" not considered anorexic. But who have serious eating disorders. If you feel like you can - get submitted to a clinic. I did not feel like I could - for whatever reason. I managed to get through most of the illness without it, but I am convinced that the more efficient way is that clinic.


Right now, I consider myself a very happy person. It was a long way to get to the happiness. And sometimes it's still tough to get to it. It will always be in certain circumstances. That's just me. The best myself there is.