Be your own hero

There is a great campaign going on for the international ED awareness week. Check out the video below.

The idea is to thank the person which helped you get through recovery.

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The chicken or the egg?

Some people think that having an eating disorder is a choice. Some people think it is a pathetic way to obtain attention from others. Some people think that EDs are no real diseases, but a way of living. Would those people say "a flu is not a sickness"? What they have not understood is that EDs are a symptom. Not a cause.

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You are never "not sick enough"

One of my main aims when writing this blog is trying to fill the gap between those people whose ED has gotten so bad that they need to be hospitalized and those who have a severe ED, but have not (yet, luckily) lost enough weight to go to a clinic - or just do not feel quite ready to take this step.

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